Hodgdon #800X 8 Lb. Keg


HODGDON #BENCHMARK It is ideally suited for benchrest and small varmint cartridges like the 6mm PPC, 22 PPC, 6mm BR, 223 Rem. and 222 Rem. Additionally, it performs superbly in the 204 Ruger and with light match bullets in 308 Winchester. With small, easy metering granules, competitive-shooting reloaders will love how it flows through progressive…



hodgdon #800x

buy ak47 receiver CFE-223 8lbs - Hodgdon Powder - Emerald Gunshop

IMR Hi-SkorĀ 800-X burns slower than 700-X and was developed to be as elastic as possible. Many small gauge, target and 12ga field load. This powder is also used in heavier handgun loads. This large-grained flake powder is at its best when used in heavy field loads from 10 gauge to 28 gauge. In handgun cartridges 800-X performs superbly in cartridges like the 10mm auto and 44 Remington Magnum. Excellent velocity and uniformity translate into top accuracy.

hodgdon #800x

800-X 8 lb - Hodgdon Powder - Alphex Firearms


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