Power Pro™ 4000-MR (Magnum Rifle)


Alliant Powder 4000-MR 1LB American-made powder designed for magnum rifle calibers, Alliant Power Pro 4000-MR Powder has become a preferred choice. Because this powder produces better velocity and density, it is easier to meter. To ensure superior performance for .300 Winchester Magnum and 7mm cartridges, the powder undergoes extensive testing in a ballistics laboratory.  …



Power Pro 4000 mr

A hundred years of manufacturing experience and the most stringent quality control procedures in the industry support each container of the Alliant Smokeless Powder. A ballistic laboratory constantly checks and testing for the chemical composition, grain shape and size and total density to ensure consistency.

power pro 4000 mr

4000-MR 1lb - Alliant Powder - Alphex Firearms

The 4000-MR Power Pro offers superior speed and lot-to-lot consistency. The 4000-MR powder provides a spherical powder designed for the calibration of magnum rifles and provides better measuring speed and density. Because it is designed for particular cartridges and uses, reloaders are capable of creating a load similar to the load of factory munitions. Superior performance for 7mm and 300 Winchester Magnum cartridges is provided by the 4000 MR powder

power pro 4000 mr


Alliant 4000-MR Powder 1lb NZ - Powder by Gun City

Rest assured the heat will bring this powder. You need appropriate magnum loads for dangerous or big game if you are coming to a heavy lift in chasing cartridges. This powder is powerful, efficient and consistent.
Produced in the United States
Improved speed and density to measure and load more efficiently
Superior 7mm and 300 Win performance. Mag. cartridges
Allows reloaders to double loaded ammunition from some factory
Density for the correct fit of the cartridge.


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